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Though still young, Olivia is an extremely motivated Public Relations practitioner and has already taken on multiple projects. In addition, she is exceptionally practiced at learning on the job; she jumped into a PR major at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism and has been thinking on her feet ever since.

Since beginning her education and subsequent career in PR, Olivia has worked with companies such as PMK*BNC, Blumhouse Productions, Center Theatre Group, and Lionsgate Entertainment, as well as individuals such as celebrity life advisor and writer Suzannah Galland. She focuses on developing and implementing cohesive a brand image with corresponding messaging across all social media platforms, websites, and third party content distributors.

But her work doesn’t end online: Olivia has written and produced several theatrical plays and screenplays over the last several years. Look out for her next play, This Our Now, showing at USC in the spring of 2017!

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